ADATA HC660 - hårddisk

2 TB - USB 3.1
14 i lager
Tillverkare ADATA
Artnr AHC660-2TU31-CGY
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    • Ultra-slim through smart engineering
    • Gorgeous textured surface
    • Lots more capacity in a slim form
    Just 9.6 mm thick, the HC660 is at the apex of light and stylish external hard drives. Easily store your media and files, including the highest fidelity content, without worrying about running out of space. They created the HC660 to look great and be durable, so it uses a scratch and damage-resistant sandblasted metallic surface. It is electroplated to ensure it maintains its looks for a long product lifespan: surface paint won't chip off or dull, and the grooved texture will remind you of the HC660's fusion of fashion and utility for years to come.

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