C2G parallell kabel - 2 m

Tillverkare C2G
Artnr 81472
  • Ring
  • Information
    • Maximum end-to-end attenuation not to exceed 1.5 dB at 5 MHz
    • Seventeen pair wire twisted with at least 36 turns per meter
    • Molded connectors
    • Foil shielding and 85% coverage braid soldered 360º to the connector shell
    • Provides increased speed and functionality over standard parallel cabling
    • Greater protection against EMI/RFI interference
    • Works with IEEE-1284 compliant printers, HP tape drives, Iomega devices, scanners and other IEEE-1284 compliant peripherals
    High-speed IEEE-1284 compliant cables from C2G ensure you realize the added speed and two-way communications offered by your printers, HP tape drives, Iomega devices, scanners and more. This advanced technology, which defines high-speed, bi-directional communications between PC and peripheral, requires both high quality connectors and a specialized wire-type to handle the increased data rates.

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