Kensington SmartFit musmatta

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Tillverkare Kensington
Artnr K55793EU
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    • SmartFit System lets you measure, adjust and fit the mouse pad to find your ideal comfort colour setting
    • Height adjustable inserts are set to your colour and help set your wrist at the correct angle for comfortable clicking and scrolling
    • Gel wrist pad provides a cool, comfortable surface that conforms to your wrist and relieves pressure points
    • Non-skid base provides stability and keeps the wrist rest firmly in place
    Resting your wrist on a soft, cushioned surface while you click and scroll with your mouse may seem comfortable, but improper positioning can cause discomfort over time. The SmartFit Mouse Pad not only provides a comfortable gel support, it also allows you to customize and adjust the height of the rest so your wrist is at a neutral angle.

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