Logitech Gaming G815

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Tillverkare Logitech
Artnr 920-009092
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    • Low Profile mechanical switches offer the speed, accuracy and performance of a mechanical switch at half the height
    • LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting with any content
    • Beautifully crafted, the G815 uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to deliver incredible thin but rigid and durable design
    • Five dedicated G-keys can be programmed with custom macros and commands per game or app profile
    • The additional, dedicated USB cable connects the USB 2.0 passthrough port to its own input for full power throughput and data speed
    • Dedicated media controls with a precision engineered, edgeless volume wheel provide convenient and easy control to quickly play, pause, skip or mute your media
    Avancerad spelteknik i en sofistikerad supertunn design. Helt anpassningsbart, utrustat med LIGHTSYNC RGB och dedikerade G-knappar. Konstruerad för högpresterande spelande med mekaniska GL-brytare med låg profil i variationerna clicky, tactile, och linear. Upplev G815 och spela nästa dimension.

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