ASUS USB3.0 HZ-3B Docking Station

dockningsstation - USB - DVI, HDMI - GigE
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Tillverkare Asus
Artnr 90XB04AN-BDS000
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    The ASUS USB3.0 HZ-3B Docking Station lets you easily connect your laptop to all your accessories, and also gives you convenient network and audio connections. It connects to your PC via a single USB cable, and features USB 3.0 ports on each side that now support a powerful fast-charge function for quickly recharging your portable devices.

    The HZ-3B Docking Station includes the drivers and is fully backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 PCs and devices. With its useful extra ports - including headphone and mic jacks and a fast gigabit Ethernet port - the HZ-3B Docking Station is a better connectivity solution for any laptop or PC with a limited number of ports.

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