Panasonic eneloop BK-3MCCE batteri

4 x AA-typ - NiMH
Tillverkare Panasonic
Artnr BK-3MCCE/4BE
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    • ""Tradable Green Certificate"": solar energy used to charge batteries before shipping
    • Offers long-life, stable voltage supply from beginning to end
    • Strong against cold temperatures; can even be used at -20°C
    • Can be recharged safely after partial discharge; no need to worry about memory effect
    • Charger with Smart Charge function launched at same time to detect charge status of each individual battery and prevent overcharging
    All batteries will naturally self-discharge, meaning that the amount of energy stored within will gradually decrease. Nickel hydride batteries and other conventional rechargeable batteries tend to demonstrate faster self-discharge than dry batteries, causing inconvenience to the user as the batteries need to be charged before they can be used after purchase, and cannot be used when needed after a period of storage. However, Eneloop offers significantly improved resistance to this self-discharge to provide immediate usability after purchase or long-term storage - thereby offering similar levels of convenience to dry batteries. Following a full charge, the batteries will retain approximately 70% 6 of their maximum energy level after five years of self-discharge, making them perfectly suited both for everyday use and for emergencies.

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